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2002-03-25 15:37:27

Phone Directory by PDC Used In Richmond Hill

Between 02/06/01 and 02/11/01 Ver-A-Fast Corporation conducted a telephone directory usage study for the 2000-2001 Richmond Hill Phone Directory, published by Phone Directories Company, Inc.

Telephone calls were made from the required prefixes in the white pages section of the 2000-2001 Richmond Hill Phone Directory.

A statistically valid sample of 385 surveys was completed to yield a 95% confidence level that the sample drawn is within ±5% percentage points of the population. 49.4% of the people surveyed prefer to use the 200-2001 Richmond Hill Phone Directory.75.9% of the remaining respondents surveyed have retained the 2000-2001 Richmond Hill Phone Directory in their home.

88.8% of the respondents retaining the 2000-2001 Richmond Hill Phone Directory use it.

All completed questionnaires from this survey have been forwarded to Phone Directories Company, Inc.

Note: Ver-A-Fast is one of the largest verification companies in the world making over 15 million calls annually. It operates under the guidelines of the Newspaper Association of America, the Audit Bureau of Circulation, and the Association of Directory Publishers.

History of Phone Directories Co., Inc.

In addition to making life simpler for consumers and businesses, Yellow Pages play an important part in the American economy.
Each year, the Yellow Page industry contributes more than $650 million in federal, $155 million in state and local, and $115 million in Social Security taxes. More than 70,000 employees work in the Yellow Page industry, making it one of the nation’s top employers. Because Yellow Page ads move consumers to the point of sale, they are responsible for putting more than $2 trillion annually into the stream of commerce.

The Yellow Pages industry is poised to move aggressively into the 21st Century. It is estimated that by the year 2000, the Yellow Pages industry will generate more than $20 billion in revenues annually. New high-tech products are continually being developed, and the industry is constantly striving to improve its level of community service.

In a world that changes quickly and unpredictably, the Yellow Pages have been a well-trusted resource. Through the years, the Yellow Pages have accommodated progress and adapted to the times. Judging from the past success and steady evolution of the Yellow Page industry, its history of reliability will undoubtedly continue for generations to come.

Utility-designed phone books were once the only option for listed residents and Yellow Page advertisers. This white and yellow-paged monopoly not only resulted in a loss of the fundamental principles of free enterprise and public service, but also forced advertising prices to soar.

In an effort to restore some of the free enterprise system that gives consumers a choice of products and services, Phone Directories Co., Inc. began publishing independent phone directories in 1973 in Price, UT. Shortly after the birth of PDC, the family operation was moved to Grand Junction, CO. where the first employees still remember staying awake all hours of the night to meet printer deadlines, only to deliver some directories in waist-deep snow in order to keep commitments.

In 1978, a final move headquartered the operation in Orem, UT and years of steady growth brought the company to full maturity. The “Mom and Pop” image slowly faded as PDC expanded nationwide, and soon the corporation attracted industry attention. Over the years, Yellow Page peers have awarded PDC directories coveted industry recognitions in such categories as “Best Cover,” “Best Ad-Design,” and “Best Special Interest Directory.”
PDC continues to produce books uniquely targeted to service “market area, not utility lines” as an alternative to utility-designed books. After over 20 years of experience, the Utah headquartered company knows that carefully conducted research of shopping districts, wholesale and commercial dealings, and communication zones of residents helps their directories to be user-friendly.

Today, PDC subscribes to the motto: “Take Our Business in Stride… Nationwide” and is committed to provide the best possible directory through service, honesty and integrity.